Services We Provide
We offer a range of general dentistry services, and we are well acquainted with a
number of excellent dental specialists to whom we are able to refer those patients
who need their particular skill and expertise.
Preventive care: a major emphasis in quality dentistry has to be prevention. We work
with our patients to teach effective home care, and strive to keep our patients on a
regular check-up schedule so that any developing problems can be detected and treated
in the early stages.
Basic restorative dentistry today consists of the use of traditional materials such as
amalgam ("silver fillings") and composite resins ("tooth colored fillings"). We provide
both of these options, and are prepared to help patients choose the restorative material
that is most appropriate for any given tooth.
Major restorative treatment includes placement of crowns and bridges. We use both
tooth colored materials and gold crowns, chosen on a case by case basis by the patient.
Again, we will explain the differences as well as the advantages and disadvantages to the
various alternatives.
Removable prosthodontics (dentures and partial dentures) are a viable option for some
patients who are missing teeth. These procedures are very conventional, and are done
Implants have become an excellent option for replacement of missing teeth. We work
closely with an oral surgeon who does implant surgery, and then we place the final
restoration on the implant.
Extractions: sometimes a tooth needs to be extracted. If it appears that the extraction
will be uncomplicated, we can provide that service. Otherwise we refer to an oral
Children's dentistry provides special challenges. We can treat most children, but are
always ready to refer to a children's dentistry specialist as needed.
Root canal treatment is a very precise dental treatment performed by many general
dentists, but we now refer all patients in need of root canal treatment to a board  
certified endodontist.
Cosmetic dentistry has become a major component of many dental practices. We offer
bleaching, veneers, and "tooth colored fillings", but we do not promote cosmetic
services as a focal point of our practice. Our dental practice philosophy is based on
good dental health, not "movie star smiles". While we do provide cosmetic services, we
do not actively "market" or "promote" cosmetic dentistry.
Emergency dental care: a number of conditions qualify as emergency care, and are
always given high priority. We always do our best to give our prompt attention to
problems involving discomfort or other genuine dental emergencies.