Our Policies on Fees, Billing, and Insurance

   In keeping with traditional dental practice ethics, we do not post or advertise our
fees. We do make every effort to keep dental care affordable, and strive to keep our
fees at or below the norm for our area.
   We are happy to bill your dental insurance carrier for services that we perform for
you, and can also request prior authorization and payment estimates before starting
treatment. It must be understood that the patient is ultimately responsible for charges,
even if there was an expectation of insurance payment. Most insurance plans do
require a co-payment and/or a deductible to be paid by the patient.
   We understand that dental treatment can pose a financial burden on some of our
patients. While payment at the time of service is expected unless insurance is expected
to cover our fees, we are always willing to make some sort of payment arrangements
for those who can not make full payment at the time of service.

   We accept most forms of dental insurance, although there are some preferred
provider plans with whom we are not contracted. We are a preferred provider for
Delta Dental, Blue Cross, Tri-Care, and several other private insurance carriers. We
also currently accept Delta Dental Healthy Families, Medi-Cal, and the state funded
Premier Access program. There is no dental coverage available under MediCare.
Fees and Payment