David Phillips, DDS    

Commitment to quality dentistry

       After forty years of dental practice, Dr. Phillips is retiring in February 2018. It
has been a privilege to serve the dental needs of so many fine people in King City, and
we will be forever grateful for the opportunity and for the trust that our patients have
extended. To make the transition to a new dental practice easier, we are posting a list
of dental practices in Greenfield, Salinas, and Paso Robles that have agreed to accept
our former patients and offer their services to them. Any comments about your
experiences with these dentists can be sent to Dr. Phillips from the "Contact Us" page.
       For those patients who need a dentist who accepts MediCal, the options are
unfortunately limited. In King City, please try Clinica de Salud or Friendly Smiles
Dental (Safeway shopping center). We have no other suggestions.
Click here for a list of general dental practices that are accepting new patients
and have agreed to welcome our former patients to their practices.
David M Phillips, DDS
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Serving the dental needs of Southern Monterey County
since 1978 in a relaxed family dental practice setting