David Phillips, DDS    

Commitment to quality dentistry

Dr. Phillips has practiced general dentistry in King City continuously since 1978. The
emphasis of this dental practice has always been quality dental health care. As long
time residents of Southern Monterey County, we have a sense of community where
we live and work. We strive to bring that to our practice on a daily basis. Our objective
is to bring good dental care to the people of the community, who are our friends and
neighbors. Our approach is informal and casual, we strive for a relaxing atmosphere
and a pleasant pace, and we consider this dental practice to be an extension of our
homes and our lives, not "just a place to work".
Our purpose:
    We offer general dental services with an emphasis on good sound dental health
care. Our objective always is the dental health of our patients, with treatment offered
in a comfortable and relaxing environment.
Dentistry for the entire family:
We do not specialize in any aspect of dentistry, but offer a range of services for
patients of all ages. We recognize the special needs of our patients and are ready to
refer to specialists as that becomes appropriate for the individual.
David M Phillips, DDS
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Serving the dental needs of Southern Monterey County
since 1978 in a relaxed family dental practice setting